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Prayer Circle

Prayer circle is your modern day prayer buddy. With prayer circle, your morning rush and busy days can no longer take you away from your prayer time. You can set reminders at convenient times during your day for a chat with God. It comes integrated with a free version of the King James Bible so you can insert verses into your prayer and prayer topics.



Sometimes you want to pray for people but don't know what to pray about. At prayer circle, we have a numerous amount of prayers and people from around the world who need your prayers. You can come here and pray for anyone at any time, without running out of topics. As Paul said, since we heard we have not ceased to pray for you. (Col 1:9)



Become buddies with one another and receive notifications when a buddy posts a prayer, so you can pray and support each other. 



Follow your church, organisation or favourite charity and be kept up-to-date with all the latest things happening with them. If you're looking for a church to visit or to call home, you can search for one that's nearby. 



Create groups with family, buddies and church members so you can stay connected through prayers and the bulletin. You can even send PDF files to your groups.


17 Alcotes
Basildon Pitsea
SS14 1TW


Phone: +144 (0) 1268 554332