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About Us

Prayer circle is your modern day prayer buddy. With prayer circle, your morning rush and busy days can no longer take you away from your prayer time. You can set reminders at convenient times during your day for a chat with God. It comes integrated with a free version of the King James Bible so you can insert verses into your prayer and prayer topics.

Prayer circle doubles up as a prayer journal so you can keep track of your requests as you remain fervent in your prayer topic and await God’s answer. It is even more exciting when you can share the testimony of your answered prayer with your prayer group, family and friends as prayer circle allows you to mark your prayers as ‘answered’ or ‘unanswered’.

It is ok if you want to remain anonymous as well. Prayer circle allows you to set your prayer topic with your profile or as anonymous.
It is simple and convenient to use with a swipe of the finger to accept or decline requests.


17 Alcotes
Basildon Pitsea
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Phone: +144 (0) 1268 554332